grappler's wish list

From adding to your home gym to the best way to recover after a hard roll,  this is the ultimate Holiday list for any grappler.  

Training Tools

Fuji Rollout Mats @fujimats

Do you have a spare room? Is your living room screaming at you to roll on it? Check out Fuji's rollout mats to add to your home training. 

Fairtex Grappling Dummy - @fairtex_official 

You just bought the mats, but you can't get your favorite training partner to come over? Bummer. Don't be down, check out Fairtex's grappling dummy to replace Steve. 

Mastering Triangle Chokes by Neil Melanson - @asics_wrestling 

Get lost drilling numerous triangle setups on your new Fairtex dummy. 

Training Gear

ALMA Shorts @alma_jimma

Do you need a new pair of grappling shorts that will have long mat hours? Well, look no further!


Senso Yuki Gi - @sensobjj 

Do you need a new gi to add to that empty space in your wardrobe? Here's the answer. 

RVCA Rashguard - @rvca

Do you need a rashguard that will mold to your body? Maybe a rashguard for on the mat and out in the water? RVCA has a great lineup to take care of your needs.


HGFV Duffle Bag @dsgear

Are you in need of a bag to pack all of your gear in? Check out the HGFV Duffle Bag by Datsusara. 


BJJ Globetrotters Iceland Camp - @bjjglobetrotters

Do you need to further break in that new bag? Head to Iceland and learn from some of the best instructors from around the globe. 

Game of Rolls- @gameofrolls

Make new friends when on the road by playing a round or two of Game of Rolls. 


Recovery & Health

DonJoy ICEMAN CLEAR3 Cold Therapy Unit @donjoyperformance

Are you looking for a way to recover after hard training sessions? Check out DonJoy Performance to help with your recovery needs


Blendjet One - @blendjetusa

Don't cave in to unhealthy eating when on the go. Check out this portable blender by Blendjet to stay healthy on the go. 

SleepAlign- @sleepalignco -

Sleep should be effortless for an athlete, but sometimes a tough training session can keep us up with pain and discomfort. This is why SleepAlign has created a product that is meant for everyone who needs and wants better sleep. Use promo code 'grapplermag' at checkout to get 20% off your holiday purchase.  

sleep align.jpg


Art by Jiujitero @jiujiterobrand

Complete your office or gym with a piece of art by Jiujitero. 


Channel Island Twin Fin - @cisurfboards

Flow on the waves like you flow on the mat with this twin fin by Channel Island surfboards.

Rainbow Sandals- @rainbowsandals 

You are going to need some sandals for the camp. Check out Rainbow Sandals for cruising to the gym or for everyday use. 

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