Steeyle Levine  (10th Planet) vs Dani Allen (Carlos Farias BJJ) – Brown Belt


Photo by FIGHT2WIN

Written by Rome G. Lytton IV


     Steeyle Levine entered Fight 2 Win this past weekend with a 1-2 record. He was matched against Dani Allen, a newcomer making his debut on the Big Stage. Allen walked out first and looked super amped, like he couldn’t wait to get on the mat. Levine, rocking a killer mustache, came to the ring calm and focused.


     Both men took to the center of the mat and shook hands to start the match. Allen established a strong collar tie to the left side of Levine’s head, Levine with a grip to Allen’s left hand. Allen seemed eager to push the pace, while Levine seemed more flowy in comparison. Levine seemed to sense Allen’s high energy and used it to pull butterfly guard, exhibiting great hip placement, head and shoulders off the mat. Allen aimed for control of Levine’s hips and pressure pass, but in doing so exposed an open elbow (thank you, Ryan Hall). It didn’t take much after that for Levine to rock Allen back just enough to help scoot his left hip out and transition straight to attacking with a gogoplata. Textbook 10TH Planet.


     With his left leg almost in position he then controlled Allen’s left wrist to free his right butterfly hook and rest his leg on Allen’s left hip. Allen looked to pressure in with an underhook under Levine’s left arm while trying to stuff Levine’s right leg in order to pass, but this actually helped Levine fish for his toe. Allen took notice to the toe grip attempt and fought to keep Levine at bay.


     Using that little distraction, Levine framed his right hand on Allen’s left arm and pushed his right knee through. He now had Allen’s arm trapped with pressure from his knee and control on Allen’s wrist. With a shift of his hips to his left he pinned Allen’s left wrist to his own body and was able to kick his right leg high in the air to lock down the full submission. From there, Levine squared his hips, controlled Allen’s head, and forced the stoppage with the beautiful gogoplata. Nick Diaz vs Takanori Gomi back in the Pride days instantly comes to mind.


     I don’t want to sound like a 10TH Planet dickrider, but the more techniques I see coming from these athletes, the more I’m impressed. One of our stops during the Roll Thru: Thailand was 10th Planet Koh Tao. That experience opened my eyes to their system, and I’m even more intrigued now after Levine’s excellent performance.

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