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The practice of Jiu jitsu relies on us coming together to train. All the other benefits that stem from the practice of Jiu jitsu come from this implied idea of community.

Now however, the community that we rely on to practice our shared lifestyle is threatened by the very fact that we are a community.

Let’s keep it clean. Follow the group rules and keep the comments civil. Wash you gi, rash guards and spats after every session. Shower before and after training. Yes, shower before training. It won’t kill you unless you slip. Clean your hands with a hand cleanser and bathe your feet in a foot bath before stepping on the mat. And don’t forget to trim your fingernails and toenails. If this is a problem for you, consider trading in that part of your Id that self-identifies as a middle school Asian boy with preternaturally long fingernails for that of a super-hygienated Jiu jitsu player who doesn’t want to poke out an eye when he shakas.

Let’s do our part to flatten the curve and lengthen the roll.