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Lifestyle: Josh O’Sullivan, Ninja Warrior, Pt.2

Photo via Instagram - mowglininja

"I’m teaming up with my friend Lee Campbell, whom I met on Ninja to implement Ninja Warrior and BJJ programs into schools across N.S.W. and eventually Australia."

Grapplermag: What comparisons would you draw between Ninja Warrior and BJJ (grip strength, cardiovascular endurance, etc.)?

Josh O’Sullivan: The movement, peripheral awareness, cardio, aerial awareness, and grip strength have their own levels of significance. Though I feel the mindset I’ve acquired from BJJ and training as a martial artist has helped me the most. The values of honour, respect, discipline and courage I’ve learnt and applied throughout my Ninja journey have reaped the greatest benefits for me.

GM: What would a typical day at the gym consist of for you? Briefly describe your regimen.

JO: Depending on my focus, be it BJJ or Ninja. If I have a Ninja competition coming up I’ll focus on stringing the obstacles together in the fastest time. Otherwise, my time will be spent trying to acquire various skills Ninja requires, such as aerial awareness, agility, balance, grip strength and flexibility to name a few.

GM: Do you add anything specific to your Ninja Warrior workout separate from BJJ?

JO: BJJ and Ninja are obviously totally [different] in a competitive sense, so my training will vary based on what I’m focusing on at the time, though I maintain both simultaneously.

Photo via Instagram - mowglininja

GM: Which obstacle would you say gives you the most trouble?

JO: It really depends on the night what obstacles we get as it changes each course. Balance is always really tricky as it requires the highest form of footwork. That aside, I feel my greatest weakness would be in my wrists, as I broke it skateboarding when I was young. It still hasn’t recovered 100% and I find it makes the floating monkey bars super challenging.

GM: How often do you train BJJ now?

JO: This will depend on the focus. If I have a BJJ comp coming up, I’ll train six days a week, fitting in Ninja where I can and vice versa. In the off season I’ll train each equally two or three times a week.

GM: Do you follow a specific diet during Ninja Warrior?

JO: I generally follow a 70% healthy, 30% cheat meal-based diet, though chocolate manages to creep in there every now and then regardless. 🤭

GM: What are your plans for the future?

JO: Big plans for 2019 in both business and athletic pursuits. I’m teaming up with my friend Lee Campbell, whom I met on Ninja to implement Ninja Warrior and BJJ programs into schools across N.S.W. and eventually Australia.

I’ve joined with my partner to take over a Ninja gym in Narrabeen, Sydney called Secret Ninja to run Ninja classes, as well as kids’ Ninja parties and private BJJ lessons.

We are also releasing a “Become a Ninja” app across all platforms where users can learn from us and train at home as a new and functional form of fitness for all ages and fitness levels.

As an athlete I will be competing in America at the World Ninja Competition after qualifying Top 10 in the Australian Nationals for the Ninja Challenge League.

I plan to compete in Australian Ninja Warrior Season 3, and providing I do well, represent Australia at the USA vs The World competition held in Las Vegas 2020 under the TV show.

For BJJ I’ve recently received my 1st degree under team lead world champion Bruno Bastos. I’m looking to compete in predominantly invitational competitions, though I’ll be looking to compete in Australian submission-only and grappling industries comps, as they give back to the athletes.

Check Out Josh take on the Ninja Warrior Course:

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