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2019 Pan IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship: Kayla Jasmine Dehm vs Elisabeth Ann Clay

Clay’s fingers are all taped up. She comes out in a low wrestling stance and finds a collar tie on Dehm, causing Dehm to raise her posture. Clay sees this as an opening and jumps guard. She establishes a deep over hook with her left arm and controls Dehm’s neck, latching on like a koala bear.

Dehm stays calm and tries to shake Clay off from standing, but she overextends her right arm. Clay notices and switches her grip from behind Dehm’s neck to her right shoulder.

Dehm lowers her base to help her trapped arm escape, but that level change gives Clay the space she needs to scoot her hips out to bring her left leg over Dehm’s right arm. Clay drops her hips down to the mat, flattens Dehm out and secures a tight armbar. Dehm has no choice but to tap.

*Elisabeth Ann Clay def. Kayla Jasmine Dehm via armbar (0:25).