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Fight 2 Win 125: Rudson Mateus vs Gutemberg Pereira

Pereira pulls guard to a single leg X-position, either looking for a sweep or to attack Mateus’ right leg. Mateus has double sleeve control on Pereira’s right side. Pereira switches from single leg X to having both of his feet inside, then raises his hips to sweep Mateus. He also sets up a straight ankle attack on Mateus’ right leg.

Mateus is able to stay calm under pressure and escapes from the attack on his foot. He uses his sleeve control on Pereira’s right arm to set up an armbar counter.

Pereira knows he’s in deep and tries his best to free his arm. But that’s how injuries happen in this game- when you hang on too long looking for an escape. It’s hard to tell because of the gi, but it looks like Pereira’s right arm broke, or was at least severely hyperextended. Pereira taps. Judging by his face, he is in excruciating pain.

*Rudson Mateus submits Gutemberg Pereira via armbar.