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ADCC 2019 Preview: Men's -88kg

Some may say the -88kg Men’s bracket isn’t as exciting as the others. But isn’t Craig Jones is in this division? Josh Hinger? Gabriel Arges, Matheus Diniz, Jon Blank, Adam Wardzinski, Rustam Chsiev…

Yeah, fuck this bracket.

The -88 Men’s bracket is absolutely stacked with talent. We would love to see Jones against Hinger. This is the marquee match of the bracket. Could Jones’ game from Down Under best Hinger’s West Coast pressure and home-crowd advantage?

Arges versus Diniz is another match with the makings of an instant classic. Can the Marcelo Garcia black belt upset the IBJJF world champion? Hopefully this is one we get to see.

Another VHS to browse for during your Friday night at Blockbuster is Jon Blank versus Rustam Chsiev. Chsiev’s nickname is “The Russian Bear”. One look at him and you know why. Khabib wrestled a bear. Gary Busey wrestled a bear. Now it’s Blank’s turn. Will the 10th Planet black belt known as “Thor” perform like a superhero or get mauled to death before hibernation? This could be an epic sleeper of a contest.