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ADCC 2019 Preview: Men’s -77kg

Sir, would you like some free artillery shells and a roll of electric tape for your sparklers?

The men’s -77kg bracket is stacked: Garry Tonon, JT Torres, Lucas Lepri, Lachlan Giles, Vagner Rocha, Edwin Najmi and DJ Jackson are all fan-favorites. Not to mention Oliver Taza, Mateusz Gamrot, Celso Vinicius and Dante Leon.

Here are three matchups we would love to see this year:

Tonon vs Giles- Leglocks. That’s all I can see in my head with the match. Who’s the king when it comes to attacking the lower half?

Torres vs Najmi- Edwin Najmi loves the high-flying submissions. That mixed with JT’s constant pressure, and we have a dream match for any grappling enthusiast. Could Najmi be the one who dethrones the defending gold medalist?

Rocha vs Jackson- This one is pretty self-explanatory. Rocha likes to push the pace and DJ is definitely about that action. Their past matches have been exciting from start to finish. This one should be no different.

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