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Kettlebells are the KitchenAid of the Home Gym

"..there really are no excuses left when it comes to kettlebells."

The functionality and versatility of a kettlebell might make it the best piece of strength and conditioning equipment you can buy.

A kettlebell is usually a sphere-shaped weight with an attached handle used in athletic training. The kettlebell improves core strength, as most exercises done with one require the user to engage the muscles of the lower back and abdomen to counterbalance the weight. Routines can also be fitted to improve cardio, burn fat or build muscle.

Kettlebells, or “Gurya” in Russian, have been around since at least the 18th century. In recent years, kettlebell popularity has exploded due to exposure across social media.

There really are no excuses left when it comes to kettlebells. They are far less expensive than a gym membership. They are a way for the serious fitness enthusiast to thumb a well-toned nose at modern gym culture. The modern gym, with its high-priced sign-up fees and lengthy contracts; most likely a confusing, crowded space with bad music playing too loudly. It’s an anti-public space where strangers graze for available strength and conditioning paraphernalia.

No, there really are no excuses left when it comes to kettlebells. A kettlebell can literally be right there at your fingertips without a long drive to the gym. If you own one or two or a larger set, you can do an almost endless variety of exercises. No more waiting for the amateur Instagram influencer at the gym to get off the machine you need. They don’t take up much space when in use, and store easily.

The secret that gym owners don’t want you to know is that you don’t need them to get in shape. All you need to get in shape is the ability to exercise habitually.