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F2W 123: Owen Sabroe vs Spencer Her

Right from the start, Her pulls guard looking to use his De La Riva to set up a berimbolo back take. Sabroe is able to keep his hips away and avoid a huge early disadvantage.

Her is able to get to his knees from his berimbolo, and it looks like he’s going to get on top with a sweep. He gets overzealous, though, and Sabroe counters by establishing a butterfly hook with his right foot. Sabroe gets the sweep but finds himself in Her’s closed guard.

Sabroe stands up easily, breaks Her’s closed guard and looks to knee slice past Her’s open guard. He looks to have the pass, but Her inverts and finds Sabroe’s right leg. Both athletes now find themselves in 50/50 position. Her is able to control Sabroe’s legs and hips just enough to find an opening to plant his left knee to the mat, which helps him rock up with his hips for a sweep- very nice.

Her fakes one way and then goes the other, passing Sabroe’s open guard with ease. But Sabroe sets a trap with a sacrifice cross-collar choke (like the I got caught in when I was a purple belt) and it looks tight, but Her stays calm and uses the position to get to mount. From there he tries to set up an armbar.

If done correctly, the sacrifice choke has been known to put people to sleep while they’re jumping to mount and hunting an arm. This time, the sacrifice does not pay off.

Her has Sabroe’s right arm and learns to his right hip, swings his left leg over, and sets up a deep armbar. Sabroe tries his best to hold on and makes one last effort to escape by hitchhiking out. But Her is able to flow with Sabroe’s movement and gets the tap.

An awesome match between the future of the sport. I can’t wait to see the rematch.