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Bellator 225: Gozali vs Muravitskiy

Aviv Gozali went viral this week with his 11-second heel hook finish at Bellator 225, good for the fastest submission in the history of the promotion.

The match begins with Gozali crouching low, moving swiftly toward his opponent, Eduard Muravitskiy. He drops to his right hip, inverts and finds Muravitskiy’s left leg.

Muravitskiy plays the 50/50 game of chance: which leg will Gozali attack? He raises his right leg to avoid Gozali. In doing so, he cements himself to the canvas by putting all his weight on his left leg.

Watching Gozali is like watching a nature documentary, where the octopus sees his prey and shoots in, gets its limbs tangled up during the scramble, but still finds its meal.

Gozali has the leg. Both men scramble: one looks to escape, the other to finish. Muravitskiy tries his best to roll out and make space, but Gozali has his hips just below his knee and heel control. He crosses his leg to add torque into his hip pressure, and Muravitskiy has no choice but to tap.

Literally every fight on this card ended with a finish, unbelievable odds against that happening but so enjoyable to watch. You go, Glen Coco, I mean Bellator.

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