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DWCS Week #9 (20 Aug 2019) Recap

Bantamweight: Ricky Steele vs Phil Caracappa

-Dominick Cruz says there’s no such thing as ring rust, Dana disagrees in Steele’s case; hasn’t fought since appearance on TUF, karate style frustrated Caracappa, but left his chin completely unprotected during the majority of the fight

-Caracappa couldn’t solve Steele’s in-and-out movement on the feet, so he tried to fall into a few takedowns, proved to be unsuccessful

*Steele def. Caracappa via split decision

Strawweight: Mallory Martin vs Micol Di Segni

-Martin seemed to be the better fighter by a considerable margin, still ended up getting hit a lot; dominated once she took the fight to the ground, controlling position though few significant strikes landed or submissions attempted

-Di Segni showed tons of heart and fearless attitude, her relentless pursuit was admirable though predictable and unpolished; threw several spinning backfists, none of which seemed close to landing

*Martin def. Di Segni via unanimous decision

Catchweight: Steve Garcia vs Desmond Torres

-Garcia missed weight, which essentially disqualifies him from earning a contract before the fight even begins; in his defense, he is much larger and stronger than Torres; still secured the first-round finish, will probably see him again next season at 145

-Torres took the fight on two-week’s notice, have to jump on an opportunity when presented with one, but did not look ready to compete

*Garcia def. Torres via TKO (R1 - 4:35)

Light Heavyweight: Jamal Pogues vs Marcos Brigagao

-Slugfest early swinging heavy punches, definitely what Dana and the Just Bleed Guy want to see on this platform; Pogues took Brigagao down at will throughout the fight and worked from the top but didn’t put him in much danger of a finish;

-Brigagao is tough as hell but had no answer for Pogues’ takedowns, don’t remember seeing him attempt to sprawl once, and he got taken down at least seven times

*Pogues def. Brigagao via unanimous decision

Welterweight: Phil Rowe vs Leon Shahbazyan

-Shahbazyan landed hard shots early that stunned Rowe, who was on roller skates for a good part of the first round; Rowe recovered well between rounds and dominated the second, hurting Shahbazyan on the feet, came close to shutting the lights off but saved by the bell

-Shahbazyan looked beat on the stool between the second and third rounds; Rowe connected with a flurry of shots just as the round began, and Shahbazyan crumbled under the pressure, forcing the referee stoppage

*Rowe def. Shahbazyan via TKO (R3 - 0:16)