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Dana White’s Contender Series, Week 6: Michal Martinek vs Rodrigo Nascimento

Photo by Contender Series

DWCS Week 6 starts with heavyweights. Definitely don’t expect this fight to go the distance. The show’s format is tricky, like it’s not good enough just to win. The expectation is to win impressively and decisively. Entertainingly.

(insert Just Bleed Guy gif)

Martinek looking to become the Czech Republic’s first UFC representative. Former hockey player, dude his size that can ice skate has underrated athleticism. Skating is unnatural, like lacrosse. Professional athlete in two vastly different sports is a feat unto itself. And he has a tattoo of Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski on his right arm. I can hear the tattoo screaming at me, “Mark it zero, Donnie!”

Nascimento’s nickname is Yogi Bear, and I think that’s adorable. Find it peculiar he hasn’t fought in almost two years and only three times in the last five. He said Martinek was as slow as a turtle. Language barrier be damned, I’ve killed men for less.

Both men walk to the center of the cage undefeated. Someone’s O has got to go. Martinek starts with a couple kicks. Nascimento throws one back high and connects with his knee. Martinek eats it but backs up. Few jabs and low kicks exchanged.

Then Nascimento charges at Martinek with a flurry of hands that forces his back to the cage. Martinek reverses the position with an underhook on Nascimento’s left side and looks to soften him up with short punches and knees. Nascimento pummels off the fence, lands a knee and reaches for a Thai clinch. Martinek tries for a body lock and arches his back to trip Nascimento, but falls backward. Now he’s on bottom. Nascimento stands up, throws some punches from the top. Tries to clear the legs, tries to mount, ends up with side control. Three minutes left in the round.

Brief attempt at an Americana by Nascimento, then short elbows to Martinek’s face. Looks like he’s going to get the mount, but Martinek keeps his left hip off the mat. Nascimento throws a couple more strikes from the top, slides around Martinek’s legs and dives in for an arm triangle choke on Martinek’s left side. Tap comes seconds later.

Nascimento could be an exciting prospect. No ring rust in his first fight in two years, still keeps his 100% finishing rate. Interested to see who he debuts against, as he most assuredly secured a contract with this performance.

Rodrigo Nascimento def. Michal Martinek via arm triangle choke, R1 (3:16).