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The Epitome of A Martial Artist: Ryan Hall

Photo by Shoyoroll

Forget about taking brain-enhancing supplements. If you want to get smarter, nay, if you want to be a more actualized human being, watch Shoyoroll’s Ryan Hall video.

“When you care that much, sometimes you end up going further than you thought.”

The Shoyoroll video is inspirational gold. Hi-def scenes of Hall rolling and working on his striking game at his 50/50 Gym are voiced over by the man himself detailing not just his Jiu jitsu journey, but his journey to be the best martial artist he can be.

“If someone said, ‘Ryan, you can fight the best guy in the world in MMA,

but you have to do it for free,’ I would do it in a heartbeat.”

The viewer comes away motivated and inspired certainly, but also better informed on the current state of MMA, on the deleterious effects of social media, and on Hall’s own commitment to challenge himself.

“I started this to be Ryu from Street Fighter.”

Hall isn’t smart because he uses big words, he’s smart because he reasons well. Hall’s practiced reasoning is like Chuck Norris’ badassery, except that it’s not a fable or the killshot of a cute meme. This same reasoning surely informs his training; he surrounds himself with the best possible training partners and is committed to challenging himself.

“Don’t tell people what you’re gonna do, just go do it.”

Even if you have no love for the sweaty business, listening to Hall’s practiced reasoning will have an osmotic effect on you, and you’ll just be smarter.

“At the end of the day we’re all gonna kick the bucket….you wanna know you fought when it mattered.”

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