Gordon Ryan Tallies Four Subs in Quintet Win

Written by: Mike Bailey 

Art by: Grappler 



Quintet is an up and coming submission only promotion that has gained a lot of attention in the grappling world.  It's innovative format have made for some entertaining cards as of late.  Quintet 3 surely did not disappoint.


     Due to an injury, Team Alpha Male (TAM) added touted submission artist, Gordon Ryan, late and never looked back.  This was clearly the key to their success.  Ryan had four submissions, 2 draws, and no losses.  This was all highlighted by a finals match up that saw Ryan face fellow superstar Craig Jones.  Ryan later won by what looked to be a jaw compression from the back.  


     The final between Polaris and TAM was first set up by each teams win in the semi finals.  Polaris beat 10th Planet in what I believe to be an instant classic.  Each match was decided by a submission which made it an exhilarating watch.  TAM defeated Sakuraba's team due to two submissions and one draw from teammate Ryan including a triangle against the legendary Josh Barnett.


     Quintet continues to give the fans what they want.  The format encourages submissions and penalizes stalling.  Some of the competitors seemed frustrated at times due to the stand up rule but it only adds to the entertainment factor.  Keep an eye out for the next Quintet.


Other notable performances:

Craig Jones - 2 wins; 1 loss

Geo Martinez - 1 win; 1 loss

Richie Martinez - 1 win; 1 loss

Gregor Gracie - 2 wins; 1 loss; 1 draw

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