Paulo Miyao


Tiago Bravo

2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 


Photo by Flograppling

Written by Rome G. Lytton IV


Paulo Miyao vs Tiago Bravo


Miyao submits Bravo by cross collar choke from the back.

The black belt final between Bravo and Miyao was a match I was really looking forward to, and it did not disappoint. I was curious to see if Bravo could bring his high-level passing game in against one of the world’s top, if not best, guard player in sport grappling.


     Almost instantly, Miyao pulled guard like an octopus striking its prey on the ocean floor. Miyao looked for either a sweep or berimbolo from there to secure his trademark back take while Bravo aimed to secure a grip to pass. Bravo tried to open Miyao up by setting up a cartwheel pass, but Miyao’s hips were ready, and he was squared back up almost immediately. With a shift of his hips, Miyao was able to establish a cross grip on Bravo’s collar. He then looked for a lasso guard to Bravo’s left arm, but the attempt was quickly shut down. Undaunted, Miyao set up a DLR on Bravo’s right leg and almost took his back by berimboloing, but Bravo was just saved as they moved out of bounds.


     Once the athletes were back to the center of the mat, both men went for a takedown. Miyao decided against wrestling and reached back for lasso guard again with a cross-collar grip control. The trouble with the lasso guard is that if you lose your grip on the sleeve that is controlling the lasso, your foot is at risk of being exposed to a straight ankle lock. If you fall into lust and attempt to attack the foot before you break the grip, you’re now at risk of being swept.


     Miyao noticed this and took advantage to score two easy points. Wasting no time, he leg weaved Bravo’s legs and transitioned to the back in that same octopus-like fashion. But his hips were just a bit too high, and it did not take much for Bravo to shake him off. The position reversal gave Bravo an easy two points to even up the score.  


     Without skipping a beat, Miyao inverted to recover guard before the referee could recenter the athletes once more.  Back in the center, he rolled into a beautiful berimbolo to finally secure a back take. Then he locked up a tight body triangle and secured a cross grip on Bravo’s collar. Bravo tried his best at defending, but fell deeper and deeper into the Miyao Ocean in the process. It was not long after when  Miyao was able to secure a grip on the opposite collar to submit Bravo with a cross collar choke from the back, winning the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 69KG Black Belt Championship.


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