2019 IBJJF European Championships:

Lucas Alves Lepri


Photo by Flograppling

Written by Rome G. Lytton IV

Throughout time, stories of giant men who could graze clouds in the sky and cause villages to crumble with each rumbling step prompted fear in the eyes of most warriors. There have always been exceptions to some warriors-Heracles killing Alcyoneus and Porphyrion, David defeating Goliath, Cornish farmer’s son Jack the Giant Killer. The 2019 IBJJF European Championship showcased a new slayer: Lightweight World Champion Lucas Alves.

     In the black belt absolute division, Alves defeated Renan Marcel by collar choke from the back. He then took on Kaynan Duarte, where he won due to Duarte getting a penalty halfway into the match. The one match that stood out from the rest was Alves’ match against Seif-Eddine Houmine, who weighs over 300 pounds.

     From the start, Houmine looked to close the distance between himself and Alves and land an outside foot sweep. Alves kept his composer and weathered the storm by circling his hips away from Houmine before pulling guard just out of bounds. Once back in the center, Alves established a cross grip on Houmine’s right collar while his feet played single leg spider (guard). Alves quickly switched from Houmine’s right collar to his left and shifted his hips out to the right.  Houmine, unable to pass from his knees, decided to change his tactics and pass from standing.

     Alves noticed his opponent’s new tactic and transitioned to De La Riva to sit-up guard. He then hooked his left arm around Houmine’s right leg, establishing a grip on Houmine’s left sleeve, thus trapping his left arm. Houmine didn’t take notice to Alves’ trap and before he knew it, Alves had shifted his hips and pulled down on Houmine’s left collar to sweep the big man. Houmine tried his best to counter by bridging Alves back over, but Alves’ hips were just where they needed to be to surf the giant’s wake of a wave and establish back control.

     My father used to tell me stories of battles against giants, where men would jump on the giants’ backs to take them out while the giants did their best to shake off the tiny ants that were crawling on their back. Alves tried his best to keep back control, but Houmine kept shaking him off. This did not stop Alves. After multiple attempts to take the back, Alves eventually brought the big man down to his knees. The referee once more restarted the athletes in the center of the mat, where Alves quickly establishes a cross collar grip on Houmine’s right collar. Houmine tried his best to stay calm and again shake his smaller adversary off, but Alves quickly shifted his hips to transition into a beautiful bow and arrow to submit Houmine.


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