Grapplefest 4:

Nick Fielding vs Kev Corkhill

Photo by Grapplefest 

Written by Rome G. Lytton IV


"Corkhill inverts and explodes his hips like a Trapdoor spider striking its prey. He takes Fielding down and hunts for his heel in 50/50."

Both athletes make their way to the center, slap hands, and the match is underway. Corkhill pulls guard and looks for an opening on Fielding’s legs. Feilding decides to jump-pass on Corkhill to stay out of his web. Corkhill flows with the energy coming toward him and attacks Fielding’s legs.  


     It looks like Corkhill is going to drop his hips into a kneebar, but he opts to attack Fielding’s right foot with a toe hold. Fielding wisely rolls with the pressure, keeping his foot at 90 degrees while he kicks with his free foot to break Corkhill’s grip on his right foot.


     Fielding pulls his foot free, but Corkhill is able to transition to a heel hook attack. The hold looks super tight and Fielding scrambles like a mad man to escape. Corkhill then releases the attack, because he thinks Fielding has tapped.


     Fielding denies tapping, and the air is filled with tension and confusion. The referee instantly shoots down any hint of controversy and restarts the match.   


     Corkhill pulls guard while Fielding looks to pass. Corkhill establishes two butterfly hooks to keep him at bay. Fielding plants his head to the mat on Corkhill’s right side and tries a stacking jump-pass but doesn’t clear Corkhill’s hooks. It doesn’t take much for Corkhill to follow him with his hips and sink in a deep guillotine choke while transitioning to mount. The choke looks deep, but Fielding is just able to find the space to escape.


     Corkhill looks to control Fielding’s left bicep with his knee, but Fielding was quick to get to his side and scramble out before any threat could arise.


     Fielding establishes shin on shin with his left leg, framing Corkhill’s right leg. On the same side, he overhooks Corkhill’s leg with his left arm while his right arm controls the left side. From here he transitions to his right hip and sweeps Corkhill to gain top position.  


    Corkhill takes the sweep with no resistance or anxiety. He seems to enjoy attacking from his back. Granted, this is a submission-only match. He finds shin on shin with his left leg while using his right to stretch Fielding out. This movement helps Corkhill invert and roll to a beautiful attack on Fielding’s left leg.


    Without skipping a beat, he finds Fielding’s heel to attack with another heel hook. It looks as tight as the first attempt at the start of the match, but Fielding is just able to roll enough to escape Corkhill once more.


    “Wooooo!” I sound like Ric Flair after that exchange.


     Again, both athletes restart in the center, show respect, and the match is back on its way.

Corkhill plays his guard game while Fielding looks to pass. Fielding’s respect for Corkhill’s guard is apparent, and again, it’s a back-and-forth chess match.


     Fielding notices an open elbow from Corkhill and dives on a Kimura attempt which looks tight, but Corkhill rides the energy and uses his inverting to escape.  


     Corkhill returns to the center of the mat and immediately sits down to play guard.


     Fielding tries multiple times to pass while Corkhill finds closed guard, and at one point it looks like he is going to control Fielding with a Dead Orchard control, but Fielding wisely escapes.


     One minute remains on the clock and the crowd rises to their feet. Corkhill inverts and explodes his hips like a Trapdoor spider striking its prey. He takes Fielding down and hunts for his heel in 50/50. Fielding does his best to break the 50/50, but Corkhill’s hips are perfectly positioned to control Fielding’s right leg. He sinks the heel hook in and submits Fielding with 23 seconds left in the match.


     Just a superb contest between two high-level brown belts.  


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