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Grappling as a sport is growing and we aim to grow with it. We want to bring our passion from the mat to story-telling and raise awareness of the grappling arts and those who find solace in their practice.
Our goal is to raise enough capital to compensate our team of professional contributors and allow them to work on our project as more than just a hobby. By reaching our stated goal we will be able to produce four issues of our digital magazine while working on bringing in sponsors and implementing a subscription based revenue stream to support us moving forward.

We appreciate any and all donations and are working tirelessly to achieve our above stated goals. Thank you in advance for any and all support!

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"The natural inclination is to say, “no, I want to train more and rest less…don’t be a sissy, let’s get on it, let’s train harder.” But then I’m finding as I get older I need to kind of discipline myself to rest. It’s funny, I think athletes have this, it’s the opposite of what most people would have, you know. Training gets addictive and you want to do it all the time, but you have to then be like, “go to bed,” you know (chuckles)."

-Ladybeard (Photo: Unknown)




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