Fight 2 Win 101:

Tim Colvin vs Matt Paul

Photo by Flograppling

Written by Rome G. Lytton IV


"..Paul to line up his hips and execute a beautiful “Whizzer Harai Goshi”, a.k.a. an overhook hip throw.."

Paul feints with a guillotine attempt, which helps Colvin swim in for an underhook. Paul reacts by overhooking Colvin’s left arm and controlling his right wrist, blocking the route to his back.  Colvin circles his right hand to establish control on Paul’s left wrist and scoots in to hip throw Paul. Paul sees the throw early and counters the energy by riding his right hip into Colvin’s left hip. This slight exchange opens the door for Paul to line up his hips and execute a beautiful “Whizzer Harai Goshi”, a.k.a. an overhook hip throw. The red-eyed Colorado crowd breaks their silence with a collective gasp.

     Colvin does not want to stay on his back, so he shrimps to his side, defends Paul’s arm-in guillotine and makes his way back to his feet. Once back to standing, Paul allows Colvin to get the underhook, and again, he throws Colvin, but this time he’s able to establish mount. Colvin’s in a bad spot, shrimps and frames Paul’s knee to help him escape. He gets to his knees and takes the back door out, but Paul is able to set up a Kimura trap on Colvin’s right arm, and it looks locked in.

     Colvin knows he’s in danger so he rolls to escape. Paul decides to switch to an armbar from the Kimura but loses the position. It looks like Colvin is going to get payback with Paul in his side control, but Paul calmly shrimps out and grabs Colvin’s right arm for another Kimura attempt. Paul works to finish the Kimura, but Colvin rolls with the pressure, hoping to escape.


     This time though, Paul is able to secure the grip and transition into an armbar to submit Colvin. Very smooth.

     The Colorado crowd sparks another and prepares for the next match.


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