Fight 2 Win 100:

Rita Gribben vs Tracey Goodell


Photo by Flograppling

Written by Rome G. Lytton IV


    "Goodell rides the wave like Eddie Aikau and attacks Gribben’s left arm

with a Key Lock to remount Gribben"


The final match of the event featured two exciting female athletes. Rita Gribben entered first, accompanied by three world-class lionesses in her corner. Next out was Hawaii’s own Tracey Goodell. The energy from the crowd grew substantially as the hometown hero made her way to the mat sporting a rad CTRL gi.


     Both athletes take center stage, slap hands and the match starts. It doesn’t take long for both ladies to lower their stance to pull guard. From here, it’s a battle to see who can get the best grips to control her opponent for either a sweep or submission. Goodell establishes a DLR hook on the outside of Gribben’s left leg while securing a cross grip on her left collar. Her other hand takes hold of Gribben’s left sleeve, and it looks like she’s setting up for a berimbolo.


     Gribben’s anticipates the sweep attempt though, and shuts it down. Goodell continues with pressure before attacking Gribben’s exposed right foot with a toe hold. It looks tight, but Gribben is able to straighten her foot out just enough to frame with her free foot to roll out. Before Gribben can use the escape to her advantage, Goodell establishes a cross grip on Gribben’s left collar and left sleeve while controlling Gribben’s hips with both her feet. She then explodes with a hip bump sweep to take mount. Beautiful.


     Once on top, Goodell drops her hips heavy onto Gribben’s sternum, making Gribben carry all of her weight. Goodell takes her time getting deeper on Gribben’s left collar and notices a chance for a cross-collar choke just dying to be locked in. Gribben starts to feel the pressure from the choke and decides to bump and roll out. It is a risky move that exposes her for a possible armbar attempt, but Gribben is able to stay close to Goodell’s body and avoid the submission.


     Goodell quickly locks up a body triangle and secures a cross-the-back grip on Gribben’s left lapel to slow down her progression.  With the grip, Goodell uses her right arm to frame, which gives her hips more room to work. But Gribben quickly gets to her toes and stacks Goodell to relieve the pressure from the body triangle. Goodell switches grips from over-the-back with her left hand to a palm up grip with her right hand. The crowd is silent, captivated by the possibility of a finishing maneuver.

Goodell tries to control Gribben’s left elbow to secure a tighter position and finish with a choke. Gribben sees the choke coming and continues to stack and pressure forward. However it is this reaction that helps Goodell transition into a Dead Orchard.  


     With the Dead Orchard locked up, Gribben does her best to escape by rolling to mount to back to her knees, but Goodell rides the wave like Eddie Aikau and attacks Gribben’s left arm with a Key Lock to remount Gribben. Still threatening the Key Lock, Goodell takes advantage of both exposed arms, circles around Gribben’s right arm and slams her hips forward to submit Gribben by armbar. What a technical masterpiece turned in by Tracey Goodell.


     Damn, I feel like an herbal smoke break is needed after that match.


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