Fight 2 Win 106:

Jorge Fernandes vs Sidney Katz

Photo by Flograppling

Written by Rome G. Lytton IV


“Do you guy’s see this? This is the future- we are seeing this from kids right now. This is insane! This is one of the most exciting fights of the

night so far!” 

Both athletes are coming in tonight with impressive competitive backgrounds and are making their Fight 2 Win debuts, respectively.

Fernandes and Katz make their way to the center of the mat, eyes locked on to one another. This is going to be a good one.  

They shake hands, and the match is on its way.

Both men take to the center of the ring and throw out faints to see how the opponent reacts to a potential grip or takedown.

Fernandes is able to lure in Katz enough to get a collar grip on his left collar. He is able to shake Katz’s balance by breaking his posture and finds an Ouchi Gari (inside trip) to take Katz down. Fernandes Judo is solid.

Instantly, Fernandes knee slices and establishes side control on Katz.

Katz does not want to stay on his back, so he bridges, nearly reversing Fernandes, but Fernandes’ hips are right where they need to be to counter the attempt.  

Fernandes hunts for an armbar, but Katz catches on. He frees his arm from being controlled by Fernandes and frames to shrimp out, but Fernandes is able to transition into an arm triangle.

Katz finds Fernandes’ leg and bridges him over. What looks to be a game-changing reversal for Katz is stifled when Fernandes uses his head as another hand, finds his knees, and keeps control of his arm triangle.

Fernandes scoots his hips outs and walks around to take Katz’s back, but Katz is just able to fight off Fernandes’ advancement.

Fernandes now has Katz in what can only be described as a side control-closed guard with the arm triangle locked in deep. Katz shows no expression that he’s ready to give in and tap.

Katz finds Fernandes’ grips and starts to break them to escape. Fernandes takes the opportunity to transition to the back.

Fernandes looks like he’s about to sink in a Rear Naked Choke, but Katz is just able to scoot his hips over Fernandes’ right leg to get his shoulders to the mat.

Katz bridges hard to escape, and it looks like Fernandes may be able to roll into an armbar on Katz’s over-exposed arm, but Katz is just able to escape and immediately shoots in for a takedown.

Fernandes sprawls on Katz’s attempt, but Katz ducks under Fernandes’ arm looking to take his back. Fernandes counters by reaching around with his left hand, controlling Katz’s right armpit and landing a beautiful inside Harai Goshi throw.

Just before the referee stops the athletes from going out of bounds, Katz finds an opening and pulls Fernandes into his closed guard.


“Do you guy’s see this? This is the future- we are seeing this from kids right now. This is insane! This is one of the most exciting fights of the night so far!” from the commentary.

Katz looks to set up a triangle attempt and then an armbar from his closed guard, but Fernandes is able to use these attempts to escape Katz’s closed guard and looks to pass.

Katz, heart of a lion, frames and slows down Fernandes’ attempt to pass. He is able to frame and bridge to turtle, but Fernandes is right there on him, not giving him any space to recover.

Just then, Fernandes is able to find a collar and slip in his right leg to take Katz’s back.

Katz continues to fight off Fernandes’ attempt to get both hooks in and almost finds his door to get his shoulders to the mat and escape Fernandes’ back control. Fernandes counters with a choke attempt just enough to avert Katz’s focus away from the hooks to the choke. Fernandes establishes the hooks with ease.

Now in a dominant position, Fernandes controls Katz’s left pant leg and starts to stretch him out with a bow and arrow choke.

Katz tries to roll out and stay in the fight, but Fernandes keeps control and puts him to sleep with the bow and arrow with 1:27 left in the match.

The arena is virtually silent. The crowd is in awe of witnessing such a high-level match between kids.

Both of these athletes have a bright future in the sport.

I know always says this after an exciting match, but remember the name Jorge Fernandes.


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