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Preston Parsons


Elevate MMA 

Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA

UFC Welterweight

Preston Parsons was one of the hottest prospects in Florida when he made his Octagon debut on short notice at UFC Vegas 31. He previously competed for Combat Night Pro MMA, winning their amateur lightweight and pro welterweight championships. He has also fought for Titan FC. 

Parsons won the Florida MMA Awards Submission of the Year in 2014. He is a brown belt in BJJ, holding a professional record of 9-3 with all nine wins earned via submission. His main training partners are Cord Poe, Caleb and Josh Pelletier and Mark Smilek, among others. Loves cookies and ice cream, outside of camp of course. Co-owner and Head Coach of Elevate MMA.

Steven Koslow

@jiujitsument @tenthplanetshinobi

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Jacksonville/ Elevate MMA/ Fusion X-Cel Performance

Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA

Pro MMA, Submission Grappling

Steven Koslow is a 10th Planet wizard who holds a 4-0 MMA record. All four of his wins have come under the Combat Night Pro MMA banner by way of first-round submission, all by different techniques (armbar, triangle, RNC, kimura). He is ranked in the Top 25 fighters in Florida at both bantamweight and featherweight, according to Tapology.  

Koslow’s main instructor is Julian Williams. His fighting style is influenced by Jeet Kune Do, and he is a brown belt in jiu jitsu. His dream vacation destination is Valhalla, and his favorite foods are eggs and turkey, both as versatile as he.

Dan Imal Reid

@danimaljiujitsu @catchjiujitsu

Catch Jiu Jitsu

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Dan Reid is one of the most successful jiu jitsu competitors in Taiwanese history. He is a first-degree black belt from Dunfermline, Scotland who skipped blue belt completely in his progression. His main instructor is William Watson. Former NAGA World Champion, 5-0 MMA record (4 subs, 1 KO). 

 Danimal has traveled all over the world training and coaching. Now he leads a burgeoning jiu jitsu community in Taiwan, recently opening Catch Jiu Jitsu in Kaohsiung. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza, and he would order it on a vacation anywhere in the world that isn’t currently under quarantine.

“Every competition and tournament is notable, in that it taught me something about my skill and preparation. Sometimes on what not to do and sometimes on what to do more.” --Danimal

Trey Waters


Elevate MMA

Jacksonville, FL, USA

Trey “The Truth” Waters is coming off the biggest win of his career on short notice at Combate Global in October. He finishes fights like Kenny Florian, with eight amateur wins and three pro wins (1 KO, 2 SUB) before the final bell. 

Waters won the Combat Night MMA Lightweight Championship and the Breakthrough MMA Welterweight Championship as an amateur. He’s putting rap on when he has the AUX cord and he’s ordering Wagyu steak at his birthday dinner. Dream vacation destination: Bali, Indonesia.

Kevin Church


Elevate MMA/ 10th Planet Jacksonville

Sarasota, FL, USA

Kevin Church reps 10th Planet under Bryan Brown. He was recently invited to compete at USA Grappling in California and is really just getting started. He has competed in professional muay thai and amateur MMA, spending time with Preston Parsons at Elevate MMA in between.

He wants to listen to reggae for rolling but hip-hop or rap for striking. He passes the vibe check. Ask him to pick the restaurant and he’s flipping a coin. Italian if it’s heads, Thai if it’s tails. An avid world traveler as well, Church has visited 37 countries and counting.

Chris Crawford


10th Planet HQ/Jax/Finishers

Sarasota, FL, USA

Chris Crawford is a focused competitor and seasoned 10th Planet Brown Belt. He has seen action on both the Combat Jiu Jiu Jitsu Worlds and Combat Jiu Jitsu Mexico stages. He’s also competed at HighRollerz BJJ, where he’s earned fastest sub of the night twice. His main coaches are Eddie Bravo and Bryan Brown.

Crawford starts his day with breakfast and coffee, arguably the most important meal. He hopes to travel Europe one day, a continent with arguably the best breakfast foods.

Hong Jun-Chen (Johnson)


Kaohsiung BJJ&MMA

Pingtung, Taiwan

Hong Jun Chen, or “Johnson” as he is affectionately called, is well-versed in both striking and grappling, training under Ryan Fernandez and Rome Lytton IV for BJJ and James Konijn for Muay Thai. He is a former ASJJF Nogi Featherweight Silver Medalist.

Johnson’s favorite food is a tie between Thai food and sushi. He hopes one day to experience the beautiful scenery Switzerland has to offer.

Samuel Barbosa


10th Planet Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL, USA

Sam Barbosa is a brown belt under 10th Planet instructor Bryan Brown. He’s held the amateur middleweight championship in both Combat Night MMA and LeLeo Code. He’s also won the Midwest and Mid-South Classic Nogi Championships. 

Sam’s dream travel destination is to the Moon, and he’s closer to getting there than we all truly comprehend. He would bring watermelon for a snack.