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Dan Imal Reid

@danimaljiujitsu @catchjiujitsu

Catch Jiu Jitsu

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Dan Reid is one of the most successful jiu jitsu competitors in Taiwanese history. He is a first-degree black belt from Dunfermline, Scotland who skipped blue belt completely in his progression. His main instructor is William Watson. Former NAGA World Champion, 5-0 MMA record (4 subs, 1 KO).

Danimal has traveled all over the world training and coaching. Now he leads a burgeoning jiu jitsu community in Taiwan, recently opening Catch Jiu Jitsu in Kaohsiung. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza, and he would order it on a vacation anywhere in the world that isn’t currently under quarantine.

“Every competition and tournament is notable, in that it taught me something about my skill and preparation. Sometimes on what not to do and sometimes on what to do more.” --Danimal