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07 Jul Osan Air Force BJJ
James Burdick 0 339
Previous Post Next Post “This is communist, and it’s illegal.” That’s what they said to me at the Osan Air Force base in South Korea when I presented my Taiwanese ID. It was all uphill after th..
30 Jun Judo
Grappler Community 0 257
Previous Post Next Post "It is no easy feat to throw another person cleanly to their back with precision and control. The judo player must leverage the opponent’s momentum and timing with prope..
23 Jun Nogi
Grappler Community 0 340
Previous Post Next Post "This aspect of the sport changes the style and speed of the matches dramatically. Without the gi to control and restrict the opponent, the tempo of movement is often in..
16 Jun Catch Wrestling
Grappler Community 0 283
Previous Post Next Post "Another large aspect of catch wrestling is “the ride”. The ability to advance position and hold the opponent there is an important part of the art."The history of catch..
09 Jun Roll Thru: Taiwan - Part 3
James Burdick 0 182
Previous Post Next Post "It is always a great idea to rent a van with some friends and travel around doing something you all enjoy while filming the process. If you can do it, then do it." At..
02 Jun Roll Thru: Taiwan - Part 2
James Burdick 0 198
Previous Post Next Post "It is no secret that Taiwan BJJ is our biggest rival at Danimal BJJ, but for my part, I have always enjoyed the competition between us. A large part of this of course i..
26 May Roll Thru: Taiwan - Part 1
James Burdick 0 359
Previous Post Next Post "The first stop on the trip was Bonsai Jiu Jitsu in Taoyuan. It has a unique set-up with red padding and mats everywhere, giving it the feeling of a champagne room in a ..
12 May The Struggle
"Diamond" Dave Kipper 0 278
Previous Post Next Post Shave the layers of fancy gis, sublimated rash guards, tattoos and acai berries from Jiu jitsu and what we have left is a martial art which is all about submitting your ..
05 May The Epitome of a Martial Artist: Ryan Hall
Rome Lytton IV 0 288
Previous Post Next Post Photo by ShoyorollForget about taking brain-enhancing supplements. If you want to get smarter, nay, if you want to be a more actualized human being, watch Shoyoroll’s Rya..
23 Dec Wish List- P.3
0 124
Previous Post Next Post The Jiu-Jitsu Planner ONNIT: Alpha BRAIN RUCKPACK: ENERGIZER ONNIT: HAN SOLO YOGA ..
16 Dec Wish List- P.2
0 124
Previous Post Next Post QuickflipVANSLeao OpticsGame of RollsFirewire..
09 Dec Wish List - P.1
0 216
Next Post Hypnotik - Zenroll Gi - 100% Hemp Gameness Marble Rash GuardBJ Penn Legend Shorts One Punch Man Rashguard  ..
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