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06 Oct Fight 2 Win 124: Kabir Bath vs Josh Calvo
Rome Lytton IV 0 266
Previous Post Next Post "Calvo can feel Bath’s balance starting to shift with every attempt to break his right hand free, so he uses that energy to set up a beautiful, clean lateral drop takedo..
29 Sep F2W 123: Owen Sabroe vs Spencer Her
Rome Lytton IV 0 254
Previous Post Next Post Right from the start, Her pulls guard looking to use his De La Riva to set up a berimbolo back take. Sabroe is able to keep his hips away and avoid a huge early disadvan..
22 Sep ADCC 2019 Preview: Men’s -66kg
Rome Lytton IV 0 381
Previous Post Next Post ADCC is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more stoked for this year’s event. Both Ryan brothers are moving up in weight. Mason Fowler and Keenan Cornelius switch..
15 Sep ADCC 2019 Preview: -60 KG Women
Rome Lytton IV 0 239
Previous Post Next Post "Beatriz Mesquita- all around fierce. The look in her eye when she competes to the way she hunts for the finish. It’s always going to be an exciting match when Mesquita’..
10 Sep Subversiv 2: Joao Marco vs Fletcher Kirwan
Rome Lytton IV 0 314
Previous Post Next Post Photo by F2WBJJ"Before anyone can realize, Marco is under Kirwan’s hips, and he’s sky-high before getting slammed hard back down to the mat. Kirwan’s mustache flies off ..
08 Sep Lethwei in Myanmar
Grappler Community 0 290
Previous Post Next Post You can hear it...even on top of the frenetic music and yelling crowd, you can still hear it. Those nearly bare knuckles hitting his face is something I will never forge..
05 Sep Meet Matt Brunson from Crowbar
Brandon Ibarra 0 114
"[The guy] turns around and starts trying to advance towards the cop, so I was like, ‘Alright, fuck this’...Standing shoulder-locked him, put him on the ground, got the knee in his back, his arm pinne..
25 Aug Books to Roll By-Mastering JUJITSU, by Renzo Gracie and John Danahe
"Diamond" Dave Kipper 0 288
Previous Post Next Post If a tsunami or an erupting volcano or an alien invasion suddenly forced me to evacuate the Dave Cave and I could take only one book with me, it would be Mastering Jujit..
28 Jul Lifestyle: Josh O’Sullivan, Ninja Warrior, Pt.2
Brandon Ibarra 0 276
Previous Post Next Post Photo via Instagram - mowglininjaI’m teaming up with my friend Lee Campbell, whom I met on Ninja to implement Ninja Warrior and BJJ programs into schools across N.S.W. a..
27 Jul Lifestyle: Josh O’Sullivan, Ninja Warrior, Pt.1
Brandon Ibarra 0 306
Previous Post Next Post Photo via Instagram - mowglininja"The competitive nature of Ninja Warrior is very different to BJJ in that we aren’t really competing against each other like in a roll. ..
21 Jul Sambo
Grappler Community 0 262
Previous Post Next Post "Combat Sambo is more akin to MMA..The sport is seen as brutal, because they allow headbutts and groin strikes in addition to elbows and knees."Sambo originated in the S..
14 Jul The Art of Falling Down
Rome Lytton IV 0 256
Previous Post Next Post Photo copyright- Youtube: Skateboarding Fail Compilation"I remember practicing doubles one day, and one of the other kids got lifted from his feet. He posted out with hi..
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