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13 Jul Ash Force Adventures: Taiwan, Pt. 1
Ashleigh “Ash Force” 0 236
Previous Post Next Post My husband pushes his smart phone in my face while we wait for our flight departing Osaka. The vivid glow on my tired eyes is enough to blur out the screen.“See? There! ..
01 Jun Matland
0 148
Previous Post Next Post "Should a gym – Brazilian based or not – still follow the unwritten law of the mat?"“When I went to prison and came out, it was like another stripe being added to my sho..
18 May Fight of My Life: Final Thought
Tim Kline 0 237
Previous Post Next Post The pandemic of 2020/2021 brought with it the necessity for sacrifice, patience and courage. With no false humility, becoming a trusted operator in the United States mil..
18 May Fight of My Life: Part 4
Tim Kline 0 211
Previous Post Next Post Part 4There are moments in the night that hold long, belonging to no one but the individual experiencing it as no words can explain the feeling. Standing in the tunnel w..
11 May Fight of My Life: Part 3
Tim Kline 0 226
Previous Post Next Post Part 3I flew back up to New York and quickly remembered, amateur or not, sparring is a far cry from a live cage fight. The night schedule made it impossible to find an o..
10 May Fight of My Life: Part 2
Tim Kline 0 210
Previous Post Next Post Part 2I got to Brandon’s house with a palpable buzz. We set up the call in his office and got a hold of Rome. I told the guys about the opportunity, along with my intent..
04 May Fight of My Life: Part 1
Tim Kline 1 360
Previous Post Next Post           The year 2020 was rough on everyone. Personally I was dealing with a few losses that seemed insurmountable and admittedly I was fighting an internal battle tha..
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