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27 Jul Ash Force Adventures: Taiwan, Pt. 3
Ashleigh “Ash Force” 0 95
Previous Post Next Post "My only fear was that one of Taiwan’s famous Level-5 earthquakes would shake the building down and leave us trapped in the gym forever."Some time went by, and we began ..
15 Jun Blue Belt Fever
Rome Lytton IV 0 157
"When I look back at my time as a blue belt, I hate my blue belt self. I don’t like to use the word hate, but I had Blue Belt Fever."Everything is different now. I feel like I’ve just powered up or ev..
28 Jul Lifestyle: Josh O’Sullivan, Ninja Warrior, Pt.2
Brandon Ibarra 0 111
Previous Post Next Post Photo via Instagram - mowglininjaI’m teaming up with my friend Lee Campbell, whom I met on Ninja to implement Ninja Warrior and BJJ programs into schools across N.S.W. a..
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