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28 Dec The Ride
Tim Kline 0 145
Previous Post Next Post "This, is Jiu Jitsu in practice."There is a special time in the City, where the sun plays peek-a-boo with your eye, as the golden tides of scooters chaotically navigat..
17 Aug Diamond Dave's Guide To: Creating a Dynamic Class
"Diamond" Dave Kipper 0 137
"..If class times are too long the student will learn less. Short class times with few tasks to learn and plenty of sparring retain students longer!"I have spent a number of years building a youth Jiu..
27 Jul Ash Force Adventures: Taiwan, Pt. 3
Ashleigh “Ash Force” 0 239
Previous Post Next Post "My only fear was that one of Taiwan’s famous Level-5 earthquakes would shake the building down and leave us trapped in the gym forever."Some time went by, and we began ..
13 Jul Ash Force Adventures: Taiwan, Pt. 1
Ashleigh “Ash Force” 0 381
Previous Post Next Post My husband pushes his smart phone in my face while we wait for our flight departing Osaka. The vivid glow on my tired eyes is enough to blur out the screen.“See? There! ..
28 Jul Lifestyle: Josh O’Sullivan, Ninja Warrior, Pt.2
Brandon Ibarra 0 276
Previous Post Next Post Photo via Instagram - mowglininjaI’m teaming up with my friend Lee Campbell, whom I met on Ninja to implement Ninja Warrior and BJJ programs into schools across N.S.W. a..
27 Jul Lifestyle: Josh O’Sullivan, Ninja Warrior, Pt.1
Brandon Ibarra 0 306
Previous Post Next Post Photo via Instagram - mowglininja"The competitive nature of Ninja Warrior is very different to BJJ in that we aren’t really competing against each other like in a roll. ..
14 Jul The Art of Falling Down
Rome Lytton IV 0 256
Previous Post Next Post Photo copyright- Youtube: Skateboarding Fail Compilation"I remember practicing doubles one day, and one of the other kids got lifted from his feet. He posted out with hi..
12 May The Struggle
"Diamond" Dave Kipper 0 278
Previous Post Next Post Shave the layers of fancy gis, sublimated rash guards, tattoos and acai berries from Jiu jitsu and what we have left is a martial art which is all about submitting your ..
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