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07 Dec The Great Escape, Pt.4
Rome Lytton IV 0 154
Previous Post Next Post Friday, 2:30PMThe elevator doors open up to a street already bustling with traffic. I throw my bags in my Uber hoping I won’t get hit in the bicycle lane. I try to cha..
30 Nov The Great Escape, Pt.3
Rome Lytton IV 0 129
Previous Post Next Post Thursday, noonThis time when I walk into the gym, the mat is alive with all different ranks: white to black belt and everything in between. The energy is electric. Before..
23 Nov The Great Escape, Pt.2
Rome Lytton IV 0 133
Previous Post Next Post Thursday, 6:30AMI wake up to what seems to be a garbage truck outside, and then some sounds of shouting. Hey Arnold! was pretty spot-on when describing a New York Cit..
16 Nov The Great Escape, Pt.1
Rome Lytton IV 0 146
Previous Post Next Post Tuesday, 10:45 PM“Not our problem. Call the airline,” said a man with an Indian accent on the other line. My eyes follow the blades on the ceiling fan as they rotate ..
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