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01 Feb Drop IN: Carlson Gracie London
Rome Lytton IV 0 87
Previous Post Next Post New Orleans, LouisianaWhenever I get a chance to return to the home I grew up in, I get lost reflecting on things and memories I’ve acquired from my travels: Rastafarian..
28 Dec The Ride
Tim Kline 0 145
Previous Post Next Post "This, is Jiu Jitsu in practice."There is a special time in the City, where the sun plays peek-a-boo with your eye, as the golden tides of scooters chaotically navigat..
02 Nov Roll Thru: Thailand, Pt. 4
Tim Kline 0 128
"We couldn’t have been five minutes into our acquaintance before Rome and I realized we were about to take a class directly from the source."Relson Gracie BJJ:Koh Phangan is known to backpackers for i..
25 Oct Roll Thru: Thailand, Pt. 3
Tim Kline 0 96
"The 10TH Planet system is a language unto itself. Riddled with simple names like “zombie” and “honey-hole,” the system was designed for BJJ in MMA." 10TH Planet Koh Tao:Throwing our bags in with the ..
19 Oct Roll Thru: Thailand, Pt. 2
Tim Kline 0 128
"Andrew’s class was well-taught and reviewed an inverted leg-lock set-up, amongst sweeps and guard passes. He impressed us all with his body control and precision.."Arête BJJ:Located on the fifth floo..
12 Oct Roll Thru: Thailand, Pt. 1
Tim Kline 0 151
"Marshall was waiting for us, prepared to access bail money if we were 30 minutes later."“What do you mean you cross-faced her?”“Chin to shoulder. Immediately,” Rome replied, never losing step with th..
17 Aug Diamond Dave's Guide To: Creating a Dynamic Class
"Diamond" Dave Kipper 0 137
"..If class times are too long the student will learn less. Short class times with few tasks to learn and plenty of sparring retain students longer!"I have spent a number of years building a youth Jiu..
03 Aug Ash Force Adventures: Taiwan, Pt. 4
Ashleigh “Ash Force” 0 200
Previous Post Next Post "Fierce winds shook the street signs and whipped the power lines around like a game of double-dutch jump rope...Admittedly, I was excited and thankful to be standing there ..
08 Jun White Belt Fury
Rome Lytton IV 0 346
"White Belt Fury can be experienced when an individual has yet to learn the art of self-control (flow) and trains at a high rate. Usually very aggressive, even unintentionally."“Find a partner!” I sca..
25 Aug Books to Roll By-Mastering JUJITSU, by Renzo Gracie and John Danahe
"Diamond" Dave Kipper 0 288
Previous Post Next Post If a tsunami or an erupting volcano or an alien invasion suddenly forced me to evacuate the Dave Cave and I could take only one book with me, it would be Mastering Jujit..
21 Jul Sambo
Grappler Community 0 262
Previous Post Next Post "Combat Sambo is more akin to MMA..The sport is seen as brutal, because they allow headbutts and groin strikes in addition to elbows and knees."Sambo originated in the S..
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