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29 Jun Brown Belt: The Shaper
Rome Lytton IV 0 121
“Sign here and here”. The UPS delivery man throws the clipboard under his shoulder and strolls back to his brown wagon. I can hear the band Cake playing on the radio through his open door. He’s going ..
22 Jun Purple Belt Scientist
Rome Lytton IV 0 111
“Aw geez Rick, that’s a weird way to pass someone’s guard.”“It’s really weird. It’s about to get a whole lot weirder, Morty.”I spent the majority of my time at blue belt perfecting my triangle game. I..
15 Jun Blue Belt Fever
Rome Lytton IV 0 157
"When I look back at my time as a blue belt, I hate my blue belt self. I don’t like to use the word hate, but I had Blue Belt Fever."Everything is different now. I feel like I’ve just powered up or ev..
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