I can still hear the sound of my buddy blasting his car horn at 7AM to alert everyone in the neighborhood that the Blue Angels flight demo was today.

"Why are you sleeping!? Blue-fucking-Angels! Wake up!" said my friend who resembles Captain Ron. As he flew down Gulf Blvd., his energy was nothing but stoked. I associate that same feeling with the night before Christmas or traveling somewhere for the first time. The energy is real, and it's contagious.  

The ADCC World Championship is on that energy level. You walk into any gym around the world and the vibe leading up to this year's event is felt on the mat: 

"Who do you think is going to take their division?"

  "Lachlan Giles burst on the scene in the last event with some awesome leg lock finishes. Which grappler is the sleeper for this ADCC?"

"Ryan vs Galvao is the most anticipated superfight in ADCC history. Ryan is also competing in the +99kg division, so will this be his warm up or could this play in Galvao's favor?” 

"How will the energy be between New Wave JJ and the B-team?"

When I look at the brackets, I can't help but get lost in them. Here are my Top 4 athletes in each bracket and the sleepers to keep an eye out for. This wasn't an easy selection process, as all the divisions are stacked with talent. This is why the ADCC World Championship is awesome:

66 KG

-Gary Tonnon

-AJ Agazarm

-Geo Martinez 

-Ethan Crelinsten

*Sleeper: Jeremy Skinner 

77 KG

-JT Torres

-Lachlan Giles

-Nicky Ryan 

-Kade Ruotolo

*Sleeper: Magid Hage

88 KG

-Xande Ribeiro 

-Lucas Barbosa 

-Vagner Rocha 

-Tye Ruotolo

*Sleeper: Mason Fowler 

99 KG

-Rafael Lovato JR

-Craig Jones

-Yuri Simoes 

-Nicholas Meregali 

*Sleeper: Kyle Boehm 

+99 KG

-Gordon Ryan

-Felipe Pena 

-Nick Rodriguez 

-Roberto Abreu 

*Sleeper: Haisam Rida

Female 60 KG

-Bianca Basilio 

-Beatriz Mesquita

-Ffion Davies

-Elvira Karppinen 

*Sleeper: Mayssa Bastos

Female +60 KG 

-Gabi Garcia 

-Rafaela Guedes 

-Kendall Reusing 

-Amy Campo 

*Sleeper: Elisabeth Clay

It's pretty safe to say you won’t catch your friends at grappler driving down the street blasting our horns to let the community know what's about to go down on the 17th & 18th of September - never say never - but you can bet we'll be riding that energy the whole weekend. 

Let us know who you think will take the gold and who could shock the world as a sleeper of the event. 

Cya on the mat and get lost in the art. 


Tim Kline

Rome Lytton IV

Rome is a world traveler who thrives living a nomadic lifestyle. He spent the last eight years exploring southeast Asia and was promoted to black belt by Dan “Imal” Reid. If you see him on the side of the road with his thumb out, trust the good vibes.