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30 Nov The Great Escape, Pt.3
Rome Lytton IV 0 40
Previous Post Thursday, noonThis time when I walk into the gym, the mat is alive with all different ranks: white to black belt and everything in between. The energy is electric. Before I can take m..
23 Nov The Great Escape, Pt.2
Rome Lytton IV 0 58
Previous Post Next Post Thursday, 6:30AMI wake up to what seems to be a garbage truck outside, and then some sounds of shouting. Hey Arnold! was pretty spot-on when describing a New York Cit..
16 Nov The Great Escape, Pt.1
Rome Lytton IV 0 88
Previous Post Next Post Tuesday, 10:45 PM“Not our problem. Call the airline,” said a man with an Indian accent on the other line. My eyes follow the blades on the ceiling fan as they rotate ..
02 Nov Roll Thru: Thailand, Pt. 4
Tim Kline 0 75
"We couldn’t have been five minutes into our acquaintance before Rome and I realized we were about to take a class directly from the source."Relson Gracie BJJ:Koh Phangan is known to backpackers for i..
25 Oct Roll Thru: Thailand, Pt. 3
Tim Kline 0 68
"The 10TH Planet system is a language unto itself. Riddled with simple names like “zombie” and “honey-hole,” the system was designed for BJJ in MMA." 10TH Planet Koh Tao:Throwing our bags in with the ..
19 Oct Roll Thru: Thailand, Pt. 2
Tim Kline 0 84
"Andrew’s class was well-taught and reviewed an inverted leg-lock set-up, amongst sweeps and guard passes. He impressed us all with his body control and precision.."Arête BJJ:Located on the fifth floo..
12 Oct Roll Thru: Thailand, Pt. 1
Tim Kline 0 126
"Marshall was waiting for us, prepared to access bail money if we were 30 minutes later."“What do you mean you cross-faced her?”“Chin to shoulder. Immediately,” Rome replied, never losing step with th..
05 Oct Kuba Kaszuba Interview, Pt.2
Brandon Ibarra 0 101
Kuba “The Accountant” Kaszuba is a professional MMA fighter and Certified Public Accountant. Originally from Olsztyn, Poland, he now lives in Jacksonville, Florida and trains at Elevate MMA. Kaszuba i..
28 Sep Austen Lane Interview, Pt.2
Brandon Ibarra 0 85
Part Two of our interview with Austen Lane, the newest addition to the UFC Heavyweight roster:GrapplerMag: NFL defensive end, professional MMA fighter, radio morning show personality. Meghan and Aust..
20 Sep Austen Lane Interview, Pt.1
Brandon Ibarra 0 170
    Austen “A-Train” Lane is a true Renaissance Man. He played five years in the NFL before retiring and transitioning to MMA. He also co-hosts a morning radio show here in Jacksonville, FL.  Lane is ..
14 Sep ADCC 2022 Preview
Rome Lytton IV 0 125
I can still hear the sound of my buddy blasting his car horn at 7AM to alert everyone in the neighborhood that the Blue Angels flight demo was today."Why are you sleeping!? Blue-fucking-Angels! Wake u..
06 Sep Trey Waters DWCS Interview
Brandon Ibarra 0 122
Trey “The Truth” Waters is preparing for the biggest opportunity of his fighting career. Slated as the co-main event on Dana White’s Contender Series: Season 6, Week 7, Waters gives us his thoughts on..
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